As some of you in the ATL area may know Pull Watersports is a local shop on the 400 side of Lake Lanier and we put on a weekly event called Thursday Surf Nights. It doesn't matter what type of boat you have we just want as many people to come out, hangout and introduce people to the great sport of Wakesurfing. It's a great opportunity to get tips from others, try out different boards, and ride behind different makes and models of boats. Liquid Force's presence is very strong as our local Rep is usually out there with his white Malibu LSV with Surf Gate. He's always willing to let folks try some new gear and ride the Malibu if you are interested.

Well, with the summer winding down shortly and school back in session we are ending this season's series with an End of Season/Labor Day Weekend Surf Party. This is going to take place at Young Deer park, the site of the Georgia jam, and will be catered by La Masa House. If you were at the Georgia Jam then you know how good their food is! It's been moved to a Friday so more people will be able to come out and stay a little later. It IS a holiday weekend after all! Food, Drinks, and good times are all covered by Pull Watersports. Please RSVP by sending me a message on here or 'Like' The Pull Watersports page on Facebook and send a message there. Hope to see some of you Georgia maniacs at the party!