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Can you or anyone else with this tower show me how you ran your speaker wire up the tower to your hlcd's? I am mainly focused on how you came from underneath the drivers helm up through the hull to your tower leg?

I just realized yesterday that the jump I did from the front leg at the fiberglass to the next section that allows the tower to fold down is NOT going to allow me to fold my tower down when needed. Now I really curious how this is accomplished. I am searching for a new house and I'm going to need to put the tower down with these damn standard 8ft tall doors. I'm screwed!!!

I'll take a pic when I get home so it will help explain what I am babbling about.
With wires run an a harness already passing through the deck, a simple inline connector may be all thats needed in your case.

But depending on which tower you have, the front tower foot may be hollow. On the starboard side, fallow the anchor light harness. This exact routing can be duplicated on the port side for speaker wires.