Attached are a couple pictures from surfing last weekend in our 2006 21v. It was our first attempt. This is with the 750 rear locker full, center half full, and wake plate at 50%. Nothing on the opposite side or in the bow. We also had 4 people in the boat. I found that at 11, the wake had plenty of push and we were able to stay in the pocket fairly easy. However, if the speed dropped below 10, it turned into complete wash. I need to upgrade my PP system to the drive by wire, so fluctuating speed is a problem right now.

I definitely don't think it's the best surf wake out there based on some of the videos I've seen, but plenty for us with just the installed bags. We haven't tried adding any extra weight, although I'm considering the 1,100 bag for the rear locker and maybe keeping an extra 400 to move around if necessary.

Surf 2.jpgSurf.jpg