So I made a new friend while selling my boat, he had contacted me about buying my boat. He was looking for newer, but we started sharing boats we were finding (since I was also in the market) and became friends. He ended up buying a 06 21V about the same time I bought my LSV.

I went riding with him last weekend behind his Supra. The wakeboard wake was great, very similar to my old Launch. The surf wake however was terrible. I was shocked, but we could not get it to be even acceptable. We had 1200 under the bow, 750 in rear. We then added 650 on top of left seats. We then emptied the bow to about 400. None of it was good. Wakeplate wasn't working, but it was stuck at 50% and that's where I had it on my old Launch while surfing.

Anybody ever had a good experience surfing a 21V and can recommend a good setup? I've literally never been in a ski or wake boat that I couldn't make have a decent surf wake, including old boats from the 80s I've surfed before with a few fat sacks strewn about.