The teleflex SSC15418 is the correct model number cable for my 2005 moomba lsv. As far as the install: Yes, A guy on the forum I talked with sent me this and figured I would share. I have been begging on the forum for someone to put it up as a sticky. Here is a link to the PDF with instructions.

On the LSV's the entire floor comes up with the drivers seat still attached. There is 10 screws in the floor and 3 on each side under the seats that angle into the floor(DON"T FORGET THESE!!) The floor should come up easily, don't force it. You might have to remove the U shaped carpet piece above your V-Drive, but its easy. Make sure you turn your wheel all the way left before disconnecting the old cable from the rudder and tie a rope on the end before you pull the old one through. This makes it easy to tie to the new cable and pull it back through. There is like 3-4feet under the steering wheel that the cable runs you can't see or get to so the rope trick helps a lot! Also on your new cable grease it really good before you install it to the rudder. You can push it in and out several times regreasing with a marine grade grease. It will help the long term life of the new cable. Let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues. Hope this helps!

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