Well my trip out today was ended early by a nasty storm.

Since the water was crazy choppy as the storm rolled through, I dropped the wife at the dock and had her back the trailer (she is still learning how).

Usually she holds the boat at the dock, but the waves on the lake were breaking up onto the dock, so I thought it would be best for her to back the trailer.

As I was watching her (trying to signal her to help her out), I didn't notice how far the storm had pushed the boat. When I looked, I was right over some huge rocks near the shore. I tried to move off of them, but it was too late. The boat got hung on the rocks, and the waves bashed it up and down.

I jumped out and pushed as hard as I could, and finally got it loose. It was pure misery hearing it bouncing on the rocks with each wave.

The prop is now trash, but it saved the rest of the back end from damage. The starboard side now has 30+ deep gouges in the black gel coat right below the waterline. It is heartbreaking to see.

I will be fixing the gel myself, and will post a how-to thread for you all, and I have a new prop sorted with the help of a forum member. After what felt like thousands in damage, I will be able to fix for around $500.

Thanks again Moomba Forum!