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    Default Learning Slalom Deep Water Starts (two feet in)

    We have used that trainer rope/handle for 30+ yrs and never had anyone ever get tangled up -- it always comes off the top of the ski once the skiers hands come up.

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    Default Re: Learning Slalom Deep Water Starts (two feet in)

    The only people that have an issue with the training rope are the ones worried about it not coming off or some other weird control phobia.

    They try to "take" it off or they do some really weird stuff.. You have to tell them to ignore the rope it comes off automatically.. They won't believe you but once they see someone who has never slalom ski deep water start they accept it... Lol...

    The training rope is well worth it, you can start completely out of wack on your side with the ski up out of the water and still get up, you just need to put pressure on your back foot..

    Granted you're not going to run the slalom course with it, and you'll probably become dependent on it. If your goal is to just get up without a lot of effort to save your energy for actually sking it's great...

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    Default Learning Slalom Deep Water Starts (two feet in)

    Start with your rear boot loose, so you can get heel lift, then tighten it up once your out of the water.

    Both knees tucked up to the chest tight with elbows bent

    Tip up

    Hit it!
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    I used to make my own ski ropes. I would make some with a long deep V that kind of simulated a trainer. They were much easier for newbies to get up with but would feel more like a regular ski rope once up. Taught a lot of skiers with these ropes.
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