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    Default Dealers around The ST. Louis, MO area

    We lost our dealer in the St. Louis MO Market a couple years ago. It was actualy in Illinios closer to where i live.

    I am seeing all these new boats coming out on the market from supra and momba. but i have yet to see a Momba Mojo or a supra SA, let alone the 2014.

    i am hoping to be in a the market of a new boat for next year and so far supra SC and moomba Mondo is really interesting me i have to stay under a 22' lengh for the lakes in the area.

    I guess the real question is where the closest dealer with boats that i can look at and touch?
    Will the mondo, mojo, SA and/or SC be do any demo's in the ST. louis market anytime?

    Liquid Edge in IL have a Moomba dealer and but never have any boats in stock.

    It seam all the new boats in the area are the Maluba/Axis and Tige. And the ST. Louis boat show did not have a supra or moomba at it in the last two years.
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    Would really like an answer to the OP's questions. I'll recap.

    1. Closest existing Supra/Moomba dealer to the St.Louis MO area?
    2. Closest boat show/dealership/etc...that would have stock to look at?

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