Not the kind of boys you're all probably thinking, but my little white swimmers! (Ok that too could be taken out of context too).

My wife is pregnant again. Found out Tuesday after she hasn't been "feeling right" the past couple days, and she woke up nauseous. I had a feeling it was pregnancy but damn that was quick! We had planned to try for another when we got moved down here to Charlotte but right before we left had "started" if you will. Goalie had been pulled for a few months as the pill was making her sick but we were "careful".

It couldn't have been more than 3 weeks that it took which given all of our craziness with the move was only a half dozen times or so (I got a little frisky here and there while packing up to relieve some stress!). Our daughter will be 2 this months on the 23rd and when we conceived her I don't think it took more than a 5-6 weeks of trying.

So we're going to have our second child! Pretty exciting, we have a lot going on.

Just wanted to share our happy news!

I would like a boy so we have one of each but obviously just want a healthy, happy baby no matter what!