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    We may not have any beer around here up to your standards! I say we sneak out and go surfing or something. Let me know what days you will be here exactly. I'll have my daughter who's 19 stop by for dinner so she's met at least one her age. You guys can come over for some cheeseburgers or something. Or maybe Margaritas.
    sounds like a plan, we are leaving the 24 and dont have to be back till the 1st. Its a 17 hour drive i figure and she's flying from Columbia after the Pan Am Juniors on the 27. Not sure on our time table but would like to hook up for at least a beer some time.
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    Well, a fairly new smokehouse type restaurant opened up not too long ago. I had not been in there yet till the other night. They have a house beer they call their "Smokehouse Amber". I'd recommend that one to anybody. Nice beer.
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