We went wakeboarding one night! ...at 2:30 am! Wasn't the brightest idea either, especially where we did it. But I was the only one who knew the lake the best so they made me drive. My buddy landed his first backroll though!! We had the radio up playing loud, all the lights the boat had were on (Nav and anchor light!) and boarded for about 30 minutes.

The next morning around 8:30, the DNR Ranger stopped and paid a little visit to our campsite. "We had some complaints of people wakeboarding last night, real early in the morning. They were in a Red boat. You guys know anything about that??"
Us: "No sir! We heard some music but didn't see anyone or anything! But I don't know anyone with a red boat, my boat's Black and Yellow and sitting right down there in the water!" *points to boat*
DNR: (skeptical look on face) "Well ok, you boys keep your eyes open, if you see anything give us a call and let us know."

...What they didn't know was the red boat was sitting just around the bend. If he had walked 8 steps to the left, he would have seen it floating there. :P