Just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to Drew and Cynde at ATL Marine. You know what customer service is all about.

Was having a hell of a time finding the right hinges for my rear compartments after the 1 to 3 piece sun deck upgrade. After 2 calls and 2 emails to AWS my local dealer they finally got back to me after 2 days with a price quote. Said it would take 1 to 1.5 weeks for the hinges - unacceptable. After a couple more calls and emails asking about expedited shipping they left me a message saying they went ahead and ordered them for me. No sense of urgency, no questions answered about expedited shipping. Basically nothing - making it more phone/email tag back and forth for what another day or two? No thank you.

Drew put me in touch with Cynde at ATL Marine so I dropped her both an email and a call. Within 2 hours I had a call back, she had already confirmed the hinges were in stock and ready, the order was also already written, just waiting to confirm with me how quickly I wanted the hinges shipped as they would be coming directly to me from SC so there would be no delay. Boom - done. Hinges arrived 2 days later and are installed - ready for the weekend and vacation.

Now that's more like it! Thank you for all you do.