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    Simmer down now ... These aren't even on my tower yet
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmvotto View Post
    Dusty, mike, Brian,
    Did we miss something, I saw the release of the javelin, but were are these inthe exile site xm 30.2 details, specs etc, spill it.
    Dusty Boat is looking Sick, and to think you almost sold it Last year in the off season LOL. Now it looks like a whole new boat.

    JM i have known about the amps for a good while, I almost put them all in my boat back in May but didnt want to redo my whole amp rack after i had just done it.

    I might be running these next year if i sell the Mojo, time will tell.

    I also didn't want to bring them up on the forum till the release was public because of all the responses and drama it can create. I wanted to wait and let Brian do the delivery lol.

    These amps are pretty sweet and i think its a real big step in the right direction for Exile in the amp market especially for those running huge tower setups that demands a lot of power.
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