It's my turn to sing Brian and Exile some praises!

I can't give Brian enough credit on this one. I've changed from the Hybrid over to 6 xm9's powered by the brand new Exile xm30.2 amps. These new amps are bad to the bone! The 30.2 is a Class D, CEA - 2006 Compliant, have a tiny footprint, and each comes with a birth Certificate certifying power ratings! I have 2 powering the tower and the 9's scream! This was a huge step for Exile, these two amps replaced the 2 Harpoons I had powering the Hybrid setup.

My makeover started when I found a crack in the front crossbar weld on my tower. I had to gut the tower completely for the machine shop to re-weld the aluminum. I had been wanting to PC the tower white since the day I bought the boat but never messes with was the time. The machine shop did a great job on the repair weld, and they filled in all of the old holes from the Hybrid setup, but I knew I would regret if I didn't take the chance while it was off and get it PC'd. So a week later, tower is repaired, freshly white, and I have this stack of new Exile gear ready to be installed. It just made zero sense to me to hand those black speakers on my white out came the sand paper and tape...and a few days later I have 6 xm9's hanging anywhere I could find a place so they could cure for a few days.

We had an incident with one of the speakers on the first outing, which was a Wednesday. I called Brian from the cabin that night and let him know what the deal was and the next Wednesday a replacement showed up prior to me sending anything just can not beat service like that!

We pounded the system for about 4 solid hours at the beach yesterday and the little 30.2s did not disappoint one bit! Brian and I have talked a little about a few more changes as things develop, but for she is!

Any of you planning on coming to the Texas jam feel free to come hear for yourselves, I don't see how you can be disappointed!