Hi there, for the past month (maybe longer, problem started at about 10 hrs on engine) my new OBV has been idling rough and running rough at low RPM's. when first accelerating it's a bit jumpy at first... rpms go up and down a little and you can feel engine not being smooth... I have only ever put in high octane gas... Any ideas for what to check or try. If it persists when the boat comes out for the season, I'll have dealer take a look (they are about 3 hours away, so don't want to take out of water now). It's not major, but enough for concern on a new boat. After 20-30 minutes or so of run time it seems ok, and it only seems to be at lower rpm's... I'm only at about 30 hrs now on engine and have already had first oil and oil filter change... Any insight appreciated!