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Thread: Jet Skiers...

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    Default Jet Skiers...

    Stole this from the Supra forum, unfreaking believable

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    God I hope she was ok. Too bad you can't fix stupid. Stupid thing is a person with little boating experience will never ask to drive your boat, but will ask to take your sea doo out for a rip. Smaller doesn't mean safer does it.


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    The moron on the jet ski would no longer be among us.

    Props to the person on the board for trying to dive out of the way. Most would have froze.
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    I already have a strong dislike for jet skiers bc for the most part, they are dangerous, uninformed, no common sense having ass clowns that think its funny to splash people with water and ride too close to others. That jet skier would have mysteriously fell off his jet ski and drowned if I would have witnessed that. Seeing this makes my blood boil.
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    I have no patience for jet skiers following while pulling a rider.
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    OMG - I don't care if that rider was 14 or 40 I would have whipped around for my boarder and then been on then like stink on dogshit. Damn.
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    Default Jet Skiers...

    Quote Originally Posted by motosno963 View Post
    i use to own one.. never jumped peoples wake or anything with it..just cruised and had NY you have to take a boats safety course and have the licence from that to operate one..i grew up with my father being in the coat guard Aux. and i join too when i could. i still dont get how dumb these people can be with a jet ski..i plan on getting one again. but thats just for me to get out away from everything and relax.i do hope that girl was ok..i would have cussed that dude out.
    You NEVER jumped a boat's wake...really?? C'mon man..there is no way you being a young guy just had a jet ski and cruised around. That is judgmental on my part yes but I'm a young guy too and have had jet skis all my life and I just find it hard to believe you never jumped a wake and just cruised around. The only people I see cruising around are older people with big ol three seaters...

    There is nothing wrong with jumping wakes as long as you keep your distance and the boat isn't pulling someone. There are a lot of idiots in Jet Skis but I've run across several that are in boats too. The problem with a jet ski is everyone THINKS they can ride one...
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    An inexperienced rider will let off the gas when they see trouble (late) and that means they can't steer. They'd be better off hitting the gas hard and turning hard but they don't react like that. And they don't have any idea where they are or what the danger is.
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    Wow, that is scary, I sure hope that girl is ok.

    boy does that piss me off royally
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    I also watched that from the Supra forms. If I was driving the boat I would be in jail right now since I would make the jet skier feel more pain then what my wakeboarder is in.
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