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    You would not have a clue if I told you

    Default Chase Sixer by LF????

    I tried the search feature no Luck,

    Has anyone tried the chase? I got mine yesterday and went out last night and board is SUPER SLOW! I was wondering if anyone has tried diffrent fin setups on it, maybe cut out a little trial and error. You have to constantly pump to stay up with wave. It feels like the rear of board is litterally glued to the water.

    Im running a 2011 LSV rear port locker and ski locker full Starboad empty six medium sizsed adults in the boat tried shifting some people to the front didnt make much diffrence in the pocket length running 9.8-10.5

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    Default Chase Sixer by LF????

    Yep, I tried it and I thought it was super slow as well. Did you try removing fins? I didn't when I rode it. I have the custom quad and I removed the smaller fins in the back and it's pretty fast. Play with fin config...

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    watch this video for a few reasons:

    1) it's one of the best surfing vids - the riding, the tune, the edit
    2) watch how Chase is almost constantly pumping the board and driving down the line
    3) watch the position of his feet. His rear foot is rarely ever at the back of the board. When he is just standing/cruising, his rear foot is at the front of the back traction and his weight is forward, driving the board

    The Sixer is a tough board to ride for new & intermediate riders as it was designed by, and designed for, one of the best who also happens to be a very tall & lanky kid. It's not a board that you can sit back & cruise on all day.

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    I rode this board last month with a pro from liquid force and he said you need your toes over the midline of the traction pad, feet wider than shoulde width, both feet closer to the nose than most other boards. You do have to pump the board a lot. Fun board though

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    my friend who got me into into the shred stiixx pro (which was called the hazen pro last year) also sells the sixer. He said it is just really hard to ride and slow if you are standing on the back. I guess that is why it is a pro model
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