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    Yea, they are not cheap at all
    Hey, Its Moomba time

    Its all about the dash - enjoy the dash, as that is your time between the dates
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    if i do decide to get the new mondo then i will be spending some cash on a evo cover for it. ill put it up to the test since i dont have a barn to store it in
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    I just got one of those westland covers cause my cover ripped in half and i didnt have the money, i got it for like $400 shipped, and when i saved a little bit, i had a guy put in pole vents ($100), so i have the spots for the polls w/ the vents and its a little wide so i just take 2 strong bungie cords and re-inforce the 2 sides just behind the tower, cover has lasted 3 years now w/ no signs of wear.

    Pic is before the pole vents were installed.
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    I bought a cover from, because the lead time was to long for an evolution cover which I really wanted. Overall I am very happy with skiboatcovers cover, plus I saved about $180. I have 3 poles and I have 12 loops for ties, which I use bungee straps to help tighten up cover. Very happy with cover but if I could have waited I would have bought an evolution cover.
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    Paid $400 in 2004 for a cover and I keep the boat outside all the time and it doesn't show any wear. The upholsterer said it would last at least 15 years and I'm thinking perhaps 20 years. It was made before evolution covers made a name for themselves and it is almost identical. No poles needed.
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    Recently ordered a new cover from SunbrellaR (Jet Black). Fits nice on my boat around the tower and over the swim grid, as a one piece cover. Comes with two pockets on the sides by the wake tower with a cord that tightens the perimeter of the cover with a locking pulley system on each side. It came with two vents hatches(just in front of the engine) that allow for evaporating water to escape from the boat too.

    I have not put it on while the boat is in the water, not planning to either as I bought the cover for land storage and perhaps while towing it.

    I have not had it on in wet weather while doing any travelling while towing it to judge if it is water tight around the wake tower. I see no reason it would not be.

    I think it was about 700 bucks all in shipped to Canada. 100 of it was shipping. Order placed May 25, shipped June 5, cant remember when it showed up but the time was reasonable.

    Managed to get a discount by browsing the site and "shopping" on one occasion, email followed from them offering a 5% discount if I was to finish my purchase. Nice touch.
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