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    Quote Originally Posted by jmb View Post
    I was told that an alternator is designed to keep a charged battery charged. They are not designed to charge a dead battery.
    This is for the most part, correct. Alternators do make for a poor battery charger. if a house bank is deeply drawn down while at anchor, its best to rely on shore charging to replenish the battery. The engine would have to run at above idle speed for a number of hours with no loads, in order to recharge the battery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EricU View Post
    Why the two 6V batteries in series? Does it give more storage capacity?
    Sorry been in Texas at a 3 fast party.

    I choose to run 6v because they have Huge storage capacity. They lady much longer then any 12v in any similar size or cost frame.

    Last year i ran 3 12v on my boat and i could kill them and i don't party cove much. This year with the 6v i have played over 6 hours at my comfortable volume and batteries still showed over 12v
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    Quote Originally Posted by beat taco View Post
    Ok, so my 51 amp alternator died Monday. It looks like the cs144 is going in. On the pigtail is it just three wires that go to my existing three wires? And what vehicle did you use, my parts guy didnt know what pigtail to get. Thanks.
    Sorry, I just now got to seeing this... And no, I grounded the existing case ground to the cs144, then used the big red wire from the pigtail and hooked it to the alternator stud. Then the one right next to the heavy gauge red wire, smaller black or brown wire to the switched ignition wire that was already there. I got the pigtail from oriellys auto parts in the help section.
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