Right now I have a 750 in the rear, and stock 400s in centre and driver side rear.

I also have 2 540lb moveable sacs I use. I seem to have an issue where I have a tall wave but the pocket isn't very long. I have experimented with moving the bags around from centre walk through to sides but was never really 100% happy.

Without getting any new bags, what do you guys find works best for placement? I know I am limited with the LSV as it isn't designed for a pure wake machine, but I want to find what will work best for casual surfing. Also if I don't need all the extra weight it would be better to save some $$ on gas too.

From my limited research it seems some people like 750 rear, 400 stock centre, and maybe 250 under the cooler area? Is that the general consensus or is there better options?