Need some suggestions on a boat cover for my 2004 XLV back in March I bought a Sharkskin Supreme SD supposed to be their best material from Westland back in March of this year & I took the cover off today and boat looked as if it had been sitting out in the weather uncovered for a year the vinyl had black and brown spotting everywhere. Boat had been taken out 3 weeks prior to today and when I got back off the water I completely detailed the boat including spraying it down with the boat candy vinyl spray. The cover is allowing rain and dirt that has settled onto the cover to bleed through onto the vinyl in the boat & causing a complete mess. Also what is the best thing to use for the spotting so far I have tried Boat candy vinyl cleaner (useless) Mr Clean Magic Eraser ( removed 90% of buildup) and soap and water and elbow grease Need to find something to remove the light staining that magic eraser wouldn't get out I have ordered some 303 to see if that will get it off. Just for reference the boat sits out in the weather other than being under the boat cover. Haven't been able to come up with the $15-20k to build a garage for it since the garage has to look like the house damn homeowners association.