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    Default Swivel Racks on a Rad A Cage Tower

    I'm wondering if anyone has a photo of either Roswell or Monster swivel racks on a rad a cage tower? I'm curious if everything would clear the stock Moomba bimini top when swiveled in. My current set up is how it came from the factory I think.

    I've also got the painfull task of needing to pack a wakeboard, surfboard, kneeboard and a waterski all at the same time so I'm trying to figure out what the best and/or cheapest way to do it. I'd like to have everything in the racks if possible.

    Cheers,photo (2).jpg
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    I have the Roswell swivel racks on my 2010. Yes they will hit the stock bimini when swiveled in and a board in the rack. Empty they will swivel in okay when the bimini it stored for towing. I installed a Monster Tower bimini, a modified install, and mounted it higher up the tower so I could stand up under it and also swivel the racks in even when loaded enough to put a board on/off the rack.

    Damn site won't let me upload some photos so use your imagination...
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    Default Swivel Racks on a Rad A Cage Tower

    I have the Roswell swivel racks and they do not come any where close to the Bimini on my 2011. I can take a pic tomorrow.
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    Default Swivel Racks on a Rad A Cage Tower

    Quote Originally Posted by E4NASH View Post
    I have the Roswell swivel racks and they do not come any where close to the Bimini on my 2011. I can take a pic tomorrow.
    Different boat/tower on your LSV than what is on OBV

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    Wanting to find out if anyone has any updates as to swivel racks for the 1 5/8" Rad-A-Cage. I have a new to me 2009 OBV and need to switch to swivel so I can pull onto my cradle lift without hitting boards on the lift cables. That means that I THINK I need racks that mount to the round tubing so I can mount low enough to clear the stock bimini and speakers. I have been searching forums for a week trying to figure this one out. Only thing I have so far is putting a different bimini on, or these... I am looking for any other options. All help is appreciated at this point! Thanks!
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    Here is another Moomba forum Member's boat with swivel racks.


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    I have 2 swivel racks from Monster, one is still in box, the other is assembled, but never mounted. would make you a killer deal if you want to try them. send me a pm or email and i can get you pics or other details. maybe someone knows if they work with your tower?
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    Do they fit on your '08?
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    Default Re: Swivel Racks on a Rad A Cage Tower

    What size are they? Got any pics? What size are they 2.5?

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    i also need a set of racks....
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