Hi i have a Moomba LSV 08 with the fat-sack at the back, the overweight ones, but the pump and all cables are not changed. My fat-sack on the left side (goofy) is automatically filling up when i start moving. I have a mechanic coming to look at it, but he cannot come for 2 weeks and i really want to wake-surf (i have regular) is there a way is manually stopping the fat-sack on the left side from filling, i have tried cutting power to the pump and it seems to still fill up, also i know that there is a switch that allows the fat-sack to fill up automatically when moving but its not allowing me to turn it off. So basically if anyone knows a temp solution that i can use in the mean time to block the fat-sack from filling up, and also i don't know much about where parts are so if you could explain also.

Thanks alot in advance!!