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N2 - Nice clean looking install. I havent been on the site in awhile since work, travel and boating has been so crazy. Logged on today and saw your post. Looks really good. I'm curious on your feedback with the Javelin amplifier. From the looks of it, your one of the earlier installs. Which sub do you have it powering? And hows the overall sub power? Always fun to see what people think in the real world.

I'm pretty sure you'll see XM9's at the moomba Jam. I know a boat that is rocking a six pack of Xm9's.

Thank you! I'd be lying if I told you for sure which sub it is, but it is an exile, ill look tonight when I get home. I want to say its the mid level 12 y'all have. The javelin works great and flawless. I love it. It rocks the cabins and the sub like a champ!

I think I might make it down there for the moomba supra jam!