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    Default New towers, amps and sub (exile)

    Well I bought the boat about 3 weeks ago. It's a 2002 moomba mobius lsv 195 hours when bought (215 when leaving the lake today) boat has ran great. The stereo that came in it when I got it was gay. I fixed that. Two 800.4 exiles power 4 xm9's while the new javelin amp pushes Infiniti 612m's that came with the boat as well as an exile 12. All being driven by an exile zld. I wired it all in and will post pics of the amps and stuff later. But took it to the lake today and it is LOUD. This is my second build using exile and the first boat was 2 xm9's 6 cabins and a 12 from exile with a harpoon a 800.4 and a 1500.1, I think this setup takes the cake. Exile never fails to amaze me.

    Edit: I'd still like to know how people put lights in the xm9's, I mean I got an idea on how to do it, but would like to see other people's first and see if I want to go through with it.
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    2002 moomba möbius lsv
    2 30.2 amplifiers
    1 javelin
    4 xm9's
    6 sx65m's
    1 xi12d

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