Looking to get some input on what handles and ropes everyone is using? I just have a generic handle and rope right now and the handle is really tough, no padding and after awhile starts to hurt the old hands. I searched the forum and found a thread but it was about 3 years old so just wanted to get updated thoughts from everyone. I dont have a store within 2 1/2-3 hrs from me so I dont want to just buy one of the internet and hope they work. So I guess what Im looking for is a handle with lots more padding/comfort and a "none" stretch rope I hear is all the rave, mine now is stretch. Dont want to go crazy expensive but also dont really know what im looking for, maybe $100-$150, that high or low for a decent set? Also do they make a all in one rope, by that I mean wakeboarding and ski, or is it all preference?

Thanks for the input!