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    It's going well. Most RV places here said they could do it too and was around $500. I don't trust most of them as they all seem to farm out the bumper to a local welding shop and then install it. Said they would rate it for 3500-5000lbs depending on the dealer I talked to.

    Decided to take out the middle-man and went straight to a local trailer/welding shop as I had to have my trailer raised by them anyway. It was around $800 for the rear bumper and the 7-pin wiring. They tied the wiring into the trailer wiring so I have trailer brakes on the caboose trailer as well as lights. Going to come in handy when I tandem my RZR down to the dunes in a week. Bumper is tied into the frame rails of the trailer. They dropped the underskirt to tie it in and most RV places wouldn't spend the time doing that. Asked them about load rating and he laughed. Said I would have no problems if the truck can pull it and if I do have issues, the trailer frame is going to be fubar Needless to say it's beefier than anything you will find installed by the dealer.

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    Nice. Yeah the RV place I use does all the work themselves, and I know their family personally anyway. Unfortunately I moved away from them, and it's at least an hour drive now to get there. I called a local welding shop near me that does a lot of work for the truck accessory shop here in town, and he said he can do it tomorrow and he's done it multiple times before...he sounded very knowledgeable about it.

    I've heard the same thing, and actually got a similar response from the RV place's owner, when I asked if it would handle my boat. He also kind of chuckled and said "oh yeah, you can tow anything behind it". However, I honestly don't even think my truck can handle it anyway. 5500lb trailer, 3300lb boat, boat trailer is what another 1000lb maybe, then gas and gear and people...we're talking probably over 11,000lbs. I have a 2000 Ram 3/4 but it only has the 5.9 gas. If it had the cummins or even the V10 it would be rated high enough. Even if mine was rated high enough, I don't think that motor could do it. If I was trying to go through the hills in upper Michigan I think I'd be crawling pretty much lol!
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