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    We had a 2005 Möbius LS for 2 years and finally got the correct length of the rope for the maximum wake jump with direct drive boat and only 1 ballast tank. We just sold the boat over the weekend and bought a 2007 LSV. Our current rope seems to be too short so I wanted to see if there is a recommended rope length and even pulling speed. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    One of the best things you can do is to get the boat up to your specs (weight and wake plate) and then run up to your comfortable boarding speed and then look at the wake. You can usually see the part of it you would like to hit. Let a rope out till it gets to that part. Then, either tie a loop in it right there or measure the rope length to that spot. Experiment with different speeds and lengths. Don't be afraid to stop the boat and change it if it isn't right. Enjoy your new toy!
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    Default Rope Length

    Congrats on new boat!
    Ditto on Kane's comments.
    Proper length will be dictated by speed and ballast weight for sure.
    The lsv is heavier. Also make sure speedo is calibrated too. If you have a portable GPS use that to compare speeds or there are iPhone apps like GPS drive that will show speed. Often the big diff for Some in a diff boat is actual speed.

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    Exactly what they said.
    We like to ride about a foot or two infront of where the wake starts washing out.
    i have found more wieght in the boat more speed need for a cleaner wake. More speed - a longer rope seems better.
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