My 2002 Outback 5.7L Carbureted 310 Hp Bogs down at High speed. This is extremely confusing. Engine starts fine and will run fine but at times will lose power and not turn over 2000 rpm, sometimes not over 1000 rpm. Other times it stalls out completely. This, however only occurs while in gear. Take it out of gear and rev the engine and it will run all day at high rpm. I initially thought bad gas or plugs or fuel filter but I changed plugs, wires and fuel filter and it still occurs. Take it out of gear and it runs fine. Could it be electrical or maybe transmission. Also, it doesn't happen all the time. I skied with it last night for an hour and no problem. Today I ran it in the morning, let it sit for a few hours and this afternoon it ran lousy and couldn't get 2000 rpm out of it in gear. Out of gear it would rev all the rpms you wanted. Any suggestions from anyone??