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    Default Gravity iii stops when deflating

    I have a gravity iii ballast system. It fills like it should, but when it comes to deflating it will only run for about 15 seconds and kicks off. I will stop and restart, but will shut down again after about 15 seconds.

    Anyone have the same issues or comments?


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    What year is your boat?
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    Hey there, I've got a 2013 Outback V and I've had a similar issue... I usually have to turn it off and on a couple times to get it going, so that it doesn't shut off within 15 seconds. I have an issue filling and deflating. I have to manually check each time to make sure it's inflated, and then check that it's deflated before putting on boatlift again. My dial tells me it's full or empty when it's actually the opposite. Mine does eventually work, but not consistently the first time I hit the switch either on or off...
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