I'm starting my boat shopping for next year. I'm taking a really hard look at the Outback V but I need some suggestions. Right now I own an 18' I/O. My typical passenger load is four but if the kids bring friends we could have up to seven. Our typical outing is after work load up and go tubing, skiing, and kneeboarding. We won't be setting any world records in watersports but we like it and want something that will accomodate the things we like to do reasonably well. We will be picking up a wakeboard in the next week or so. I'm looking at the OBV because by looking at pictures it appears to be the only model with a ski locker in the floor. Is that true? It also appears to have plenty of storage for other assorted things that go with us. I saw the Mobius at the boat show last year and I liked it but there didn't appear to be a place for the skis that wouldn't interfere with the ballast system. Any suggestions or things I need to pay attention to would be appreciated.