Soo we had a plan to go out on the bay yesterday. And my buddy nick just got a new to him 87-89 chris craft 21 foot boat with a cabin. This this is a train wreak..wires everywhere and no seats in the main area. Now the people who went were me, Andy and his GF, Colby w/ his GF , nick w/ his gf and sister. We get out to the sand bluff and tie off. Now we are all drinking ( luckily I was drinking more water then beer) now Andy's GF is drunk and sees Andy talking to Colby's gf, she gets mad and walks over and says " if she wasn't dating Colby you would F*** her".. He gets mad and they get into an argument, he tells her they are done, so she starts crying ( not the first time she has gotten drunk and started drama). So nicks gf and sister start to calm her down. About 10 mins go by and I see her just doing her own thing, laying on her back, just floating and looking around. Now the water around the boats are only about 4 feet deep but if you go about 4-6 feet out from the bow it drops off pretty good. About 5 mins go by and nick sees her out about 10 -20 feet out and try's to get her attention, nothing, so my other buddy swims out and grabs her and brings her back. I can tell she's highly intox and dehydrated. I'm lightly smacking on her face trying to get her attention ( she's breathing but lightly ) her now ex Andy is giving her sternum runs try try and get her attention and gets a little arm movement but not much. So we load her up in the CC and we get her to throw up and drink a little water.. It took me about 4-5 mins to get this kids boat into drive and now we are off to the docks. When we get to the docks I notice she's looking around now and has some slurred speach. So Colby, her now ex Andy, her bother and Colby's gf get her into the car and take her to the hospital. After getting pumped full of fluids and coming back to she has a argument again with Andy instead of saying thank you. By this time her parents get there and are upset at her and thankful to us for saving her. Now this morning instead of calling us or texting each of us, she sends one text to everyone that helped and just changed the name. "Hey Chris Thank you for litterally saving my life yesterday. I had too much to drink on an empty stomach. I'm sorry for yesterday I'm really embarrassed about what happened, mainly because I don't know what happened or what I said, I was black out mode for the majority of the day. But I'm sorry in more ways than you know an thank you so much!! I owe you." She's 22 years old. She needs to grow up.