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    Best of luck, hope it is minor strain. Keep us posted... getting old, these pups don't know chit about getting old... 39 years young a whines like a.... well you get the point, whipper snappers actin all old and chit...
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    Update: I went to a spine and back specialist and images show I have a bulging disc between T2 and T3 (lower neck, upper back). Luckily he thinks with anti-inflammatories and a bit of physical therapy that it should relax back to normal within a few weeks. It feels a bit better since I've been icing a few times a day since it happened, but I still have slight tingling in my lower right arm and fingers. All the neuro (?) tests were normal, so he said it's nothing to worry about and should get back to normal once the pressure is off my nerves. In layman's terms, I have a bad case of whiplash.

    I feel a bit bad that I didn't just wait it out and give it a week or so to see if it got better, but in my mind I knew it didn't feel right and I didn't want to let it go and regret it a few years down the road. Plus once the tingling started I got freaked out! I guess that's what insurance is for.
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    Good news. 39 is old? Please. Old guy here with old boat.... 51 on the body and 16 on the boat. But both feel new! As you get older ... I mean much more than your youthful 39... Need to increase fitness level. In addition to your doc, find a good trainer! Cross training and cardio are excellent. Keeps the weight off and maintain flexibility. An hour a day. Seriously. Dont worry about bulking. That show muscle isnt what you need in "old age"! Helps me to keep up with the kids in wakeboarding, mountainbiking and surfing. Learned to skimboard last weekend!

    Glad youre not seriously injured and found the cause. Maybe a surf or two is good therapy!

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