Thursday I took a pretty decent fall on a surface 180 in the flats when my heelside edge caught and I did the famous back slap. I've crashed this way tons of times before, but this time I immediately felt like I needed to pop my neck. Now I have quite a bit of pain in my neck when I look down and when I lean my head back. It also feels like my back needs to be popped in the upper back area (between my shoulder blades).

I've been icing, sleeping with heating pad, taking advil, etc. and it hasn't really improved at all. I'm 39 and no stranger to feeling old, but something in my head tells me this isn't just muscular. Any guesses to what can be going on? I plan on going to the doc Monday, but figured somebody on here may have had a similar issue.

Sidenote, this is why I surf 90% of the time now. I'm too old for this!