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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfeman131 View Post
    you will find yourself surfing. all us old farts are doing it as it's so much easier on the body.

    and the young ones are doing it, too. my son is 5 and we're teaching him to surf this season. he loves it!

    the current women's wakesurfing world champion was 10 last fall when she brought home the hardware.

    go get a V-drive.
    You might be right but at this point it doesn't interest me. I am not an "expression" type of a guy and have always thought the culture around skateboarding and wakeboarding etc to be ***moderated***. Not saying I am right just saying that is how I feel.

    I am a go fast guy and spend more time at the cottage in the winter when I can ride my snowmobile than I do in the summer.

    Should I buy a boat tailored to a sport I am not really interested in? Don't know??
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