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    Default Weight limits, Maximum Capacity

    So I got to thinking about something today. No big deal, I don't know of anyone who's gotten in trouble for it or anything, but still it puzzled me and thought I'd toss it out there...
    My 2009 LSV states the capacity on the boat is good for 13 passengers or 1800 lbs including gear, all those goodies.

    Why is the maximum operational capacity set to 1800 lbs of "total persons, gear, ballasts" on these boats when they easily handle over 2400lbs in ballast plus people? Technically I over-weigh my boat every single weekend we go out and wakeboard/surf and I don't even have to be on it!

    I understand these boats are WAY under-rated, but could you technically get in any kind of trouble for it?

    Just curious! ...not that this means I'm going to not be filling my ballasts or anything...
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    I believe it's all tied to NMMA standards and there is a formula that uses the gross weight of the minus ballast and is then divided by a standard weight per person to come up with the capacity number.

    It's a bit of a sticky situation and I think manufacturers have struggled with what to do. In the past, I think they put in smaller ballast systems to pump up the capacity. Now, with the focus on wave/wake, I believe some are using the max factory number. The SA, for example, has people capacity calculated for the liquid lead ballast system even though that is an option and some folks may never equip their boats with that much ballast.

    I've heard of some areas where this is being monitored. Mostly where residents have complained about the wake boats and perceived damage they cause.

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    This was discussed before and the bottom line is if your boat is longer than 20 feet you don't need the plate so take it off. I would save it so when you sell the boat you can put it back on.

    "Boat builders must comply with Federal law by putting a Capacity Plate in sight of the helm (steering area) on motorized monohull boats less than 20 feet in length."

    "Although federal law requires capacity plates only on boats less than 20 feet in length, the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) requires a capacity plate on all boats less than 26 feet in order to be certified by NMMA."
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    Its already started around here,its not official yet but the buzz is next year it will be put in affect that your wake boat is welcome as long as you dont use the ballast due the waves causing errosion to the natural shore line of the lake. It sucks but i could see it coming and it wouldnt surprise me if other lakes follow hasnt affected are reservoirs yet but you cant build on are reservoirs.

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