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    Default Years of reading the forums pays off

    Finally got my new boat out on the water for more than 5 minutes. Took a ride for about 20 minutes and came back to the dock. An hour later I get in the boat to trailer it. Turn the key, starts, sputters and dies. It just wouldn't start after that no matter what I did. The father in law, ex mechanic, listens to it and say "sounds like it's not getting gas". The light bulb on top of my head turns on. Take a look at the engine and I pour a bit of lake water on the fuel rails. Try to start it again and it fires, but starts running rough and dies after 10 or 20 seconds. Now I'm sure I know whats wrong. I follow the supply line to the fuel pump, get some lake water and pour it on the pump. I turn the key and, like magic, the motor starts and runs as smooth as it ever did. Problem solved.

    Thanks to years of going through the various problems and solutions people have posted, I remembered that some of you have had "vapor lock" issues and a little bit of cool water resolved your issues.
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    It could also be magic water. You are from the land of sky blue waters. I'm glad our troubles was your fix.
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    booom JACK haha
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    Sorry to hear about it! I too have been dealing with the issue and used this forum (while on the water) to get back underway. My boat is currently on the way back from the dealership after having Indmar's additional boost pump installed. I'm taking it out tonight to test everything out. I'll let you know how it does.
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    I've never had the issue, but should it arise where exactly do you pour cold water? Admittedly I've never looked for the fuel pump.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TL7 View Post
    I've never had the issue, but should it arise where exactly do you pour cold water? Admittedly I've never looked for the fuel pump.
    Taft, your fuel pump should be located in the actual fuel tank so the fuel on board should keep it cool and prevent you from having this problem. I think this was mainly an issue on the 07 and older boats, my 08 has a fuel tank mounted pump and it doesnt get much hotter than the Texas summer and I never have an issue with this.

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