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    Default Dripless prop shaft seal

    I read thru all the posts from the past on the topic, but has anyone ever had the seal "rotate" the cooling line was rubbing on the Vdrive housing, and wore a hole in the line, When i checked the hose clamps, one was completely loose, and the other 3 were not much more than finger tight. I am assuming this was just oversight from the factory,but has anyone else had theirs "spin" like this? the boat only has 60 hrs on it, and last couple outings I have noticed an increasing amount of water in the bilge, which cauased the inspection, it was a very small leak, but I am sure it would have continued to get worse.

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    I just had this happen to my 2010 LSV with 90 hours on it. My 2010 has PVC like seal and the rubber boot that has the hose clamps came loose. The hole PVC seal turns with the drive shaft and pull the hose off the the water feed coming from the header/water jacket. I am replacing the PVC seal with the new style brass one. As I was dealing with this issues I also notice the port side water jacket had a 3 inch crack. Not the best weekend....
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