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    Default Extending Battery Cables

    I have done some thread searches but have not found much information on if anyone has had experience extending main battery cables. I have 07 Outback V with original battery and I need to move about 2/3 feet and really would rather not run all new cable. Anyone have any experience or recommendations either way on this? Thanks.

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    if it was my boat and I didn't want to go thru the pita of running a new cable, I'd use a circ breaker or fused setup and go to the next larger gauge from battery to the setup, but by the time you spend cash on that, might be cheaper to buy new cable and run it right.
    lots of ghetto ways to do it, but I'd hate to be stranded on the water with a corroded connection.
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    Should be able to find a red pos one as well.
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    I bought mine from an online vendor that builds to your specs (gauge, terminations, color, etc)... was reasonably priced, quick turnaround and excellent quality. Was recommended by Razzman.

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    I added a second battery and moved both batteries about 3 feet. Ran positive to switch in old location and connected boat ground to 650 amp common ground bar. Connected battery positives to switch. Connected battery grounds, amp grounds to ground bar. Purchased four feet of #2 battery cable, connectors and ground bar from West Marine. They had the bench crimper for the connectors.

    Technically, the ground bar is a splice, but all of the connections are tight and where I can check to see if loose/corroded. So far, both batteries and all electronics work fine.

    I dont use an auto switch. Alternately run each battery.

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