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    Where can I get a Moomba boats decal for my vehicle??

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    I was just looking last week, all I could find was this sticker off e-bay that I purchased. I Have not got it yet.

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    Matman, I emailed russel at skiers choice and I will post or send you a message when I hear back from him. I know they used to carry a few. Will keep you posted!

    Man these Moomba guys are fast. I'll just edit this post since no one has even had time to respond since I sent the email. Heard back from him in less than 20 minutes! Here is what I received from Russel!

    Hey Jesse,
    We have the vinyl decals on the way. The Moomba site is still growing and we'll be adding spring stuff soon too.
    I'll update you on those as soon as we have them.

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    Very good...thank you!

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