back in 2011 we got new neighbours, and it seems like every time im outside near my boat and the neighbours father stops by to seem them, he has to come over to me and ask if my boats for sale..i feel like this happends every year about once or twice a year. today he stopped by again and i finally told him " hopefully next year ill sell it to get a bigger one" so he asked for my number, i gave it to him. so now im thinking, redo the carpet and maybe the seats. if all the hype is true about the 14's maybe ill pull the system ( subs, tower speakers, and HU ) from the outback and maybe use the money from the old boat and drop it on the new 14' dont get wrong, im not a rich man haha so it all depends on the financing. if i cant afford the 14, then maybe ill buy a newer XLV or somthing else.