Ever since I bought my boat in late 2011 I've increasingly became interested in detailing and within the last 6mos have really started taking it seriously and quit using the average big box store brands and invested in some (way too much) quality product. With all of that said I'm always interested to see what others are using/have used and what theyve had luck with.

Some of the products I'm currently using
-Detailer's pro car shampoo (not overly impressed, will try something else when its gone)
-Poor boy's bug squash (not overly impressed, will try something else when its gone)
-Wolfgang tire and wheel cleaner (awesome stuff, safe on all types of wheels/tires, bit expensive)
-Detailer's pro clay and clay lubricant (clay is a bit stiff for my taste, lube was simply part of a sale, will use just a quicker detailer when its gone)
-Klasse paint sealant (awesome stuff, less than 2oz for entire vehicle, lasts 8-10mos, easy on/off)
-Chemical guys liquid butter wax (awesome stuff, even easier on/off than the sealant above, well priced)
-Wolfgang instant spritz detailer(nice stuff but overpriced)
-Chemical guys extreme slick quick detailer(really nice, can be had for half the cost of wolfgangs)
-Chemical guys v36 medium grade polish (have only used it once as a 1 step DA polish, seems nice)
-Chemical guys leather cleaner (like all chemical guys products, well priced and works well, goes a long way)
-Chemical guys leather conditioner (best leather conditioner ive used so far)
-Chemical guys metal polish (first metal polish ive used that took minimal effort, nice stuff)
-Detailers pro wheel glaze (one of my favorite products, easy on/off, holds up really well. Wheels can simply be wiped down, zero brake dust accumulation)
-Wolfgang rubber trim sealant (expensive like all wolfgang products, but really makes trim pop however doesnt last through washes, needs repeated with every wash)
-Griots garage DA 6in polisher (great price however this is the only DA ive used so i dont have anything to compare)
-Detailers pro pad cleaner (works as advertised)
-Cobra waffle weave drying cloths ( a must have)

To summarize a bit after quite a bit of research both on the internet and in my garage, i really havnt found a chemical guys product i disliked and for the price you really cant beat it.

Heres my most recent project
2012 ford escape limited with moderate paint imperfections (swirls, light scratches)
wash>dry>clay>1 step cut/polish with DA>wax>detail. Rims were metal polished and then glazed.

The 1step polish removed 90% of imperfections with some heavier scratches requiring a 3 stage cut/polish or a mild wetsand. The paint will really melt out in the direct sun for pictures but i finished too late.