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Thread: No more DD's??

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    Just completed a nice slalom set on glass with my 1998 Mobius (open bow Outback DD with Radacage). ran some 32, 35 , and 43 off. Yes I hav e no business at 43 off - but it was a blast. I am reasonably certain I would never consider it with a V drive. A buddy has a MC209 which is a DD but more like what I envision a Vdrive to be - the wake on tha boat is scary depending on rope length. Ironically the shorter ropes at higher speeds seem to be better - but 15 off at 30 is nasty.

    If they go to Vdrive only I would have to ski it before making a decision - but they would probably lose me - but I would probably not buy a new one anyhow.
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    I have a buddy who had a 209 and he got rid of it after skiing behind my Outback. It had a hard wake that after comparing he was not willing to put up with anymore. He now owns a used X1 VD that is about middle of the road between his old 209 and my Outbacks wake. As for skiing 43 off.... Yikes. I tryed 39 just for Shits and giggles once ,but let go as i was scared..haha. Your right i/we likely have no business trying that stuff. LOL
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