Cruised accross the lake for dinner last night, and pulling back in, noticed that there was water around the edges of the driver's footwell. It was pretty warm. Took a look around, and the ski locker was filled almost halfway up, so i'm guessing it was sloshing through my speaker wire holes in the locker. I regularly have water in the ski locker and bilge, but not this much in one trip.

I won't be able to hit the water for another week or so, so hoping to get some ideas of where to look. I have a test plug in my ski locker, so that is usually pretty good about stopping bilge water, but the fact that it's warm makes me think it has to be coming from the bilge, and not under the ski locker where I've installed a deck plate.

I just replaced my prop, and had to take it to a shop to get the old prop off because it was totally stuck... took some force, so my first guess is maybe my prop shaft seal, but that sure seems like a lot of water for one trip accross the lake. My other thought was an exhaust leak, which would explain the temp of the water, but I looked around and couldn't see anything wrong there.

Any other thoughts?