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    Default 1997 Moomba Outback Fuel Pump Help!!

    Hi guys,

    we bought a 1997 moomba outback brand new and have had basically no issues all these years. However this year when we took it to the lake with a fully charged battery and a full tank of gas it wouldn't turn over. it seems like the fuel pump is out as we are only hearing the low pressure pump turn on. we took the part to the dealer and they said this part isn't made anymore and we had to special some rebuilt redesigned part and it could only be done special through them. any advice on this would be helpful!!

    specs: this boat is a 1997 moomba outback

    it has the 325HP (corrently 0HP) chevy corvette motor in it and it is the fuel injected model.

    We have already checked the fuses and they are fine

    thanks in advance guys!!

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    I went to a automotive parts shop and got one. Holly makes one that is marine specific, I used a regular auto pump and have had no issues. My boat is a 98 carbureted outback. Not sure if the same would apply for an injected motor. If nothing else take the pump off and go get it matched up at an automotive parts store.

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    That sounds kind of weird. Does it look like any of these:

    Do you have two pumps?
    Brian Roberts
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    I didn't realize that engine was used back then.
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