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    Default Mobius 2013 Specs

    Within the SC website I have seen the 3 different weights listed for the 13 LSV; 3300, 3400 & 3800 lbs. The factory ballast also varies depending on what page are you looking at from 1200 to 1800 lbs. So which one is it fellas?

    I haven't paid much attention to the other models, but you may want to check those as well.
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    Boat weighs apx 3800 dry, fogure 4K with fluids, and fuel before your gear.

    Ballast will vary depending on the options but if you get all the ballast upgrades you should get 650 in the rear lockers and 500 hard tank center.
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    Default Mobius 2013 Specs

    The gravity 3 at 1800lbs (500, 650, 650) is standard on the 2013 LSV. And I'm pretty sure 3800 is the correct stock dry weight.

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