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    I went to Barton's creek today because a buddy and his wife launched there and it's a long boat ride to meet up from hwy 50. Was either of you in the red and white möbius LS?
    I was in my red and white Outback, but I think I saw the red and white Mobius you are talking about, although the one I saw was an LSV. If it is the same one, I think they just bought that boat from White Lake Marine, it is a 2008. Was that you in the red and black Outback V? If so, you were putting in as we were coming out, about 1pm? We had been there since 8am slaloming, so we were beat and starving.
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    We went out Saturday morning, but didn't make it Sunday. We have a yellow and Navy OBV (see the avatar) and also saw the Red LSV on Saturday. Also saw a Yellow and black XLV that I have not seen before. We put in at Hwy 50 and skied that long stretch before the New Light bridge for a couple of hours, then cruised toward the dam and hung out in that last big cove on the left before the dam. That's where we saw the XLV, if that is anyone on here. Don't think I have run into you Brian, but will be on the lookout.

    Z28ke, I think I have passed you before, so will have to stop next time we cross paths. Will be a little while before we get back out to Falls, headed to Gaston for 3 weeks on July 13th, so stoked about that!
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    Yep that was me in the red/black OBV. Sorry I didn't say hey, I was somewhat oblivious to any other boats since my wife decided not to come out and my friends were meeting me at the ramp, I was trying to get the boat in the water by myself.

    Tarheel: we usually surf between hwy 50 and new light, I'm sure we'll see you out there. Enjoy Gaston!
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