seen some craiziness myself. best one in a while was one certain holiday there was a BU filled with a bunch of young punks and about 6 boats waiting in water to load up their boats. A lady with her small child was tied up to the dock while her husband was getting his truck/trailer. the young punks in the BU passed the 6 of us in line, bumped the ladies boat at the dock, as one of the kids jumped onto her boat and onto the dock. Then while we are still waiting her comes the truck and malibu trailer down the ramp, cutting off 2 other boats and backs in the ramp so the bu can load. long story short, the kids were hanging out drinking beer in the parking lot at the top of the launch site and when the police arrived, (saving the punks from an arse whooping from the husband of the lady whose boat got boarded) they conducted FST's on the boat occupants and made two arrests and towed the truck/BU