So I finally got my FAE installed and wanted to go try it out. We get to the ramp and I see a pontoon boat with a bunch of late teens/early twenty something's working on the motor. I asked if I could help and they said no so I hopped on the boat and we went off.

After about 20min of trolling around we started surfing. 20min into surfing I stopped the boat to see how the FAE was doing. I noticed that the connection to the exhaust ports were loose and on side was about to come off( my fault as I hadn't tightened it properly). Tryed to fix it in the water and couldn't do it so we decided to pull it out and I'd fix it on the trailer and We would just put back in.

We came back to the ramp and the same pontoon was sitting in the water blocking the end of the ramp. Dropped my wife off to get the trailer. Waited a 5 min then politely asked them to move their pontoon out of the way if they weren't going to pull out. Got a nasty look but they did move.

We got the boat out and I quickly fixed the issue I had over looked. In the short time it took to tighten up a couple bolts the people with the pontoon had backed their trailer down the ramp and after struggling for about 10min and finally got it loaded..... And then their Truck wouldn't start😞

But it dosent end there. They get another truck down there to tow them out and I swear that the truck that broke down wasn't in neutral because the rear wheels wouldn't turn but the dumb rednecks couldn't figure that out. They ended up unloading the trailer and then the KICKER! They unhooked the trailer which rolled into the water and disappeared off the ramp!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!

This is Only a single ramp, and we are 2nd boat inline in a line of 6 boats to put in!
After about 40min the truck is off the ramp, and trailer has been fished out and they are finally out of the water. It's the craziest thing I have ever seen. And then the Cops showed up because a couple people smelled alcohol on a couple rednecks.

Absolutely the biggest mess I have ever seen. And they didn't seem in a hurry to do anything and were ugly to everyone that asked if they could help. Some people are A-HOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!