What speed and line length are you skiing at? Course or Open Water?

Body positioning is the key to a good side to side counter rotation and being able to hold that position through the wakes. Listen to the information above - if you want GOOD slalom advice get on and become a member of Ball Of Spray!


It can be very intimidationg at first but there is a TON of help out there as well as a whole bunch of guys willing to help you!

Back to positioning - Benson is right good positioning is key even on the pullout for your gate entry or even your first cut in open water. That positioning helps you enter your first cut. Your body NEEDS to be stacked! Sholders level, over your hips, and square to the boat. knees bent. If you're properly stacked teh weight issue on your feet relly becomes a non issue as proper positioning and alignment creates balance.

Hold that stacked position through thesecond wake as you prepare to stand up, change edges, and start your next cut. Keep the same positioning, concentrate on keeing shoulders quiet. inside hip forward (which doesn't allow you to bend forward), and allow the ski to do the turning for you.

Once ski has completed turn grab handle, keep your elbows in, and get stacked for pull from boat and repeat!!!!!!

Upper body positioning and practicing stacked position can be down right on dry land with a water ski rope and a fence post or tree. Don't underestimate what you can see on dry land in your positioning!

Also vidoe of yourself will be a HUGE TEACHING aid too. If you can see it - you can fix it!

Good luck man! Work hard and if you cna seek out a good ski coach - DO IT!!!!